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Happy Hour at Harmonic Brewery!!!

Happy Hour at the Harmonic Brewery!

Hey everyone! We are going to meet up at the Harmonic Brewery, 1050 26th street and Minnesota, on Friday the 22nd of June. Every Breakers athlete, as well as their friends and family, are more than welcome to join in this long overdue gathering. I’ll be there around 4pm, feel free to stop in whenever and stay for as long as you’d like.

Harmonic doesn’t have a kitchen but does allow food to be brought in, so I was thinking about ordering bushels of raw kale or pizza. Sadly there won’t be an open bar tab because the Breakers fun funds have gone to our new T shirts and two other events.

These two other events are a paddleboard/kayak day at 101 surf sports in San Rafael and an ‘after dark’ Exploratorium (Pier 15) visit. Please let me know via email, text, or carrier pigeon, of possible weekends for the water activity and if you and a plus one could do a Thursday evening, adults only, Exploratorium experience. ( I need a number count for both).

On a very special note, we will be celebrating one of our original bootcampers and wishing Michael and Lee our best as they take on a new adventure in Palm Springs. Im looking forward to seeing you all there.

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