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August check-in and Travel Update !!

Awesome job getting after greatness this August!! I believe the deeper understanding of the structure and variables in your training program has helped the majority of you engage at a higher level and get more out of each workout, so we will continue using the current program design through September. (Different workouts just same goals and structure)

Speaking of September and the coming of our glorious fall weather, i will not be traveling to Italy after all, so your planned 'taper' or off-week has been pushed back. I've covered this change with all of our groups over the past few weeks but i apologize if there are folks that didn't get the memo. Carrier Pigeons are becoming so unreliable in this day in age.

Your taper week will be enjoyed this Thanksgiving, November 20th through the 24th. I will be using this time to hunt pelagic turkeys that frequent the waters off of Baja California during that time of year.

I hope you are looking forward to training this September as much as i am. See you at practice.

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