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Quick Check In and Email Repost

This is a quick update about Saturday morning class and a test of the emails i have for all of you as well as the format of this newsletter. A good number of you subscribed to the website updates but it looks like we'll go this route for now. Yes the formatting will change.

There will be no Saturday 7am on September 23, as i will be at a reunion of folks who once called themselves college athletes, where many an account of strength and greatness will be recalled and woven into myth and legend.

An opportunity for greatness has presented itself, as it often does, on the same weekend of my absence. The 8:30am crew has formed a group to tackle the 13th annual (and 13 mile...) Peak2Peak hike of our San Francisco hills. The 8:30 Noe Valley crew will be wearing our t-shirt, and not to worry, i have extras. We are too late to form an official team, however, but take look at their site and see if it interests you, your friends and loved ones, or someone you wish to surprise or crush with your superior conditioning. I will provide the contact info of the Noe Valley group upon request. I do wish i could drive along side you and offer encrouragement and refreshments.

Hopefully this goes well and we can plan on regularly attending other adventures and events as a team. The Pacifica dog surfing championships last month was lightly attended due to lack of surf and because Breaker doesn't shred unless its overhead.

On that note and the weaving of good yarns, there will be a happy hour gathering on Friday the 29th of this month. Location is TBD.

See you at practice.

(photos from 7am, 9/16)

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