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Happy Thanksgiving !!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Congratulations on your wet winter weather initiation, i had forgotten what its was like to be damp from 6am to 7pm. I also forgot how was incredibly inspiring it is to coach you all through tough conditions, it challenges me to get after my own conditioning even when its not convenient. On that note, I'm taking a hundred pound sand bag, some bands, fins, mask and my body weight down to Baja tomorrow morning to pursue greatness, venues and fish, in between sleeping, relaxing and eating. I will return in time for our next Saturday 7am class ( the 25th)

Fear not, you will get a couple coached workouts in during the week, as my cousin John will be taking the helm. He's a big cool dude, Cal alum, and very accomplished athlete. He will lead a 6am and 7am class on Monday the 20th and on Friday the 24th at our gym location. Remember it is the same location as our Saturday class, 435 23rd street. Park near the yellow gate. Don't hesitate to email me if you have any questions. ( Below there is picture of the location, my truck is on the left and the big roll up door leading to the gym is on the right with the small set of green steps. Please park on the left.) This temporary location change is happening to streamline a few things and to increase equipment use. It also ensures a dry place to train until i get back and force you all out into the cold rain...

Those of you who would like train on Tuesday the 21st, listen up. I might have a coach waiting for you, i might not, tough week to get subs, I will learn and adjust. Meet at our usual spot. Head down to Connetticut and 17th. Run Back up to 20th.

Jog east on down to Pennsylvania and 20th, turn south down the block. Run back up.

From 20th and Penn, run/jog west to 20th and Wisconsin, turn south and run up to 22nd.

Walk slowly west down 22nd street to Kansas St. Run/ walk / crawl back up to Wisconsin.

Take the connecting stairs east down to Arkansas and then take the stairs back up to Wisconsin. Repeat the stairs two more times.

From Arkansas walk to the park and preform your appropiate pullups, vertical or reclined, followed by two sets of 20 reps of 'abs of choice'. Repeat two to three more times and then stretch as needed. Complete this workout at your own pace. If you'd like the Coit tower version please text/email me.

Thank you all in advance for adjusting to these changes over the Thanksgiving week. We really appreciate your support and understanding. Happy Thanksgiving, I am so thankful for every one of you. See you next week.


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