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Location Change!

A decision has been made to switch the location of our Mission Bay classes. The 6am and 7am class will meet at our training studio at 435 23rd street, just like the Saturday morning class. We'll chase greatness there on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays; Tuesday will still meet on Potrero Hill.

This move has been made in large part to the severe lack of parking, brought on primarily by the influx of construction crews who are building the Warriors new crown jewel. Some of the 7am team have missed their workouts because of this and that simply cannot stand if we can help it.

Also, the overall health and safety standards in regards to our main area are inconsistent at best. You all have at some time, bravely put your face near the ground after kicking glass and other unmentionable debris aside. With the help of the building owner and its facilities I will have the opportunity to clean and maintain our new grounds of greatness.

The location change may not be permanent, but for now it offers ample parking, shelter from heavy rain, and its only a mile to the south. For the record this will remain an outdoor strength and conditioning program.

My apologies for sending the notice on Sunday.

We say goodbye for now to our little cove.

Remember all your hard work and drive and apply it down the road.

New opportunities for greatness await.

The sun will rise again on Monday. See you at the Gym.

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