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Breaker's Athletics Team Stair Climb!!!

I'd like to invite you all to go climb some stairs together on June 1st! These stairs might not be as picturesque as the Baker beach or Lyon street flights, or as inspiring and storied as Michael Hamlin's group stair walkabouts, but eh, um, well hmm, there's a lot of them..?

On June 1st, the American Lung Association is putting on their annual Fight for Air Climb at 555 California Street, and I'd like as many Breaker's Athletics members as possible to go get after it and feel some of the results or your training. Based on your effort and general badass resiliency during our workouts, I am fully confident that every one of you can scamper up to the top of that building. I'll even make a deal with you, in writing. I promise not to add any sandbag, med-ball, iron weight or loaded vest to this challenge and you only have to complete the climb once.

Feel free to bring others, you do not have to be a current Breaker's Athletics member to join the team!

There'll be more info to follow but for now, and are selling tickets for $25. When you purchase your ticket, please let me know and we'll talk athleisure wear..

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