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February 1st - 3rd updates!

Hope you all have been enjoying the strength endurance work and appreciating the strong foundation we are building to support the heavier weights and higher intensities coming soon!

This is a quick reminder that i will be away starting at 8am tomorrow, February 1st, and returning this Sunday, February 4th. I will be at both, 6am and 7am Mission Bay classes tomorrow, however, the 8:30 Noe Valley and 11:30am Embaredero class as well as the two evening classes will be canceled. The 7am Saturday morning class is also removed for this week only.

There will be a 6am and 7am class on Friday, the 2nd, at the Breakers Athletics gym/studio (our Saturday morning location). My cousin John will be at the helm for those two hours so make sure you rock the boat as you get after it, after you show up on time of course...

Thanks as always and i can't wait for Monday and the new phase of our training to begin! If you have any questions, please text me or email me. (most everyone has my cell, if you dont and need it, ask a teammate).


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