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Another tough training cycle completed!!

Congratulations!! You all got your asses handed to you this week! And last week. And the week before, although not so much the week before that. October has a been challenging month in part (and planned) because 70% of September was soul checking as well, but in the broader view, i wrote those workouts to push you all towards further physiological and psychological adaptations that are needed in your pursuit of greatness. Remember, you lifted that weight, you ran that hill, and you lifted yourself off the ground (repeatedly), and the bed and the desk. You earned all the soreness and growing pains. It is a joy to hold the rudder on the Breakers Athletics ship because to the person, you all put in as much effort and focus as you can, everytime. Congrats on finishing a fucking awesome and grueling two month cycle.

As we move through the winter months we will be welcoming back a few old pieces of equipment to help us out with some different themes and goals. Hope you enjoy! Speaking of the winter months, now is a good time to check the closet or pick up some clothes and outerwear than can keep you somewhat dry and wind protected. You'll be warm enough when you start moving. If we have epic and 'record breaking' storms like last year, or previous years....I will definitely entertain short notice, temporary location changes like to our gym or to nearby overhangs etc, but only in severe and or predictable heavy weather.

I'll be posting a list of upcoming local athletic events and activities soon so please email or text me if you know of or will be participating in a race or fun gathering. Im working on some incentives and hopefully we can continue to get Breakers teams together. There are a couple of us who are starting to train for a Highland Games festival next summer, if you want in, let me know. A good number of you are already training for the whiskey tasting that accompanies most Scottish style games. Oh There's a big wave contest, The Pe'ahi Challenge in Maui, Hawaii, and it will be streaming live today and tomorrow. (think a warmer, performance version of Mavericks in Half Moon Bay) Check it out at the

Thanks for the encouragement, inspiration and for pushing me to get after it. Great things are in the works for us. By the way next week won't be easy, but it will be easier than this past week. See you at practice.

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