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Brooks Jenkins

Breaker's Athletics is founded in science, heart, humor and hard earned fun. We offer a variety of Strength and Conditioning

 classes as well as Personal Training, Corporate and Team programs, in San Francisco and Marin county. 

A near lifetime in athletics and health and fitness, has formed the confidence and perspective needed for me to effectively push your mind and body through the adaptations required to improve your general resiliency and achieve your health and fitness goals. Breakers Athletics offers group classes, small group and private sessions, as well as corporate programs and counseling.  Its a passion of mine to develop relationships with my clients and witness their physical and mental transformations .  I can't wait to be your coach. 


NSCA-CPT Certified

CSCS from NSCA (in progress)

UC Berkeley -Political Science-Swimming-Waterpolo

​For ​two​ ​decades​, ​I have trained and competed ​in a number ​of​ ​athletic​ ​disciplines,​ ranging from endurance races to strength and power events.  I have coached individuals​, ​groups​ ​and teams, for​ ​a​ ​multitude​ ​of​ ​sports,​ ​hobbies​ ​and health​ ​related​ ​needs for over a decade.  

My exposure to world class athletes, teammates, coaching and sports medicine staffs along with a keen and demanding clientele, has expanded my awareness of training methods and sharpened my coaching and training philosophy.  The yield has been a strength and conditioning ethos that is pragmatic yet sympathetic, scientific and creative, confident but humble.


Puppy 101 Graduate

Gym Dog Specialty 

California SPCA 

Breaker is my buddy and the gyms' namesake. Almost seven years ago I  brought him home from the SPCA and he's been at my side ever since.

Being the gyms' mascot is an exhausting job, so you'll see him snoozing in the corner most of the time. When not inspiring greatness, he can be seen swimming in the bay or scrounging for food. He was born deaf so please make sure he sees you before your introduction.



No need to take Brooks' word for it. This is what his clients are saying about him!

Kibwe D.

trained with Brooks for 1.5 years

"Brooks is an excellent personal trainer.  His passion for fitness is infectious.  His workouts are always well planned, efficient, and challenging.  I recall my first experience training with Brooks - I was alarmed by an entire session workout using a medicine ball.  After overcoming my trepidation and some soreness, I started to get the swing of things.  What surprised me was how quickly I saw the results in my body: trimming fat and increased muscle tone.  Additionally, he helps you work on problem areas.  Despite hating him for making me work my technique doing squats, I saw improvement in my knee pain and flexibility.  He is highly knowledgeable about the body and exercise physiology.  But most importantly he is a great guy and fun to work with.  I highly recommend his services!"

Vikki F.

trained with Brooks for 2.0  years

I started training  four years ago ( 2 years with Brooks) when my son was two. My goal was to lose the baby weight and get into shape.  I not only met this goal, I have gone down 4 sizes, and am in the best shape of my life.  I attribute this to the regime that Brooks has designed for his classes.  The workouts are dynamic and always changing. Every workout is a total body workout with just the right balance of strength and cardio.  Brooks' deep knowledge of exercise and kinesiology contribute to the overall value of each class and session.  He brings energy and a cheerful approach to the workouts making you work hard and yet the time passes quickly.  I will follow him wherever he will teach a class, and I invite you to join the challenge of his class too!

Laura R.

trained with Brooks for 1 year

Training with Brooks has completely changed my perspective on working out; especially when it comes to strength training. I'm stronger and can lift more than I'd ever imagined. He pushes and encourages me to keep going and try harder. His workouts are always tough but fair and he modifies based on how well the group gets through the sets or our moods. A form stickler, Brooks always makes sure each exercise is done correctly to protect your body from injury. I love working out with such a nice, friendly and tough trainer. 

Michael H.

trained with Brooks for 8 years

I lost a bunch of weight in 2008 without really exercising too much.   When I was about 10 pounds to my goal weight, I started working out with Brooks.  I didn't want to be the skinny flabby guy!  I was 41 at the time, and now at 49 I'm the healthiest I've ever been!  I lost another 15 pounds when I started training with Brooks in 2008 and he thinks I've probably gained about 15 pounds of muscle since.  Brooks is a great trainer!  He's a stickler for correct form and can modify exercises for you should you get an injury... like when I had plantar fasciitis!  And he's a nice guy, too!  He smiles as he gets you to push yourself just that much further!  I highly recommend Brooks as a trainer!  Not sure where I'd be without him!

Contact Brooks

Brooks is here to get you started on your fitness journey. Whether you are a seasoned fitness junkie or a newbie to the gym world Brooks is here to help you achieve your goals. Please use this form to request more information about Brooks' programs and services.

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435 23rd St, San Francisco, CA 94107

Tel: 1.415-748-5078

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