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Everyday Displays of Greatness

At an athletic 5'2", Noe Valley resident Vickie invited her six year old son to perform the triple jump into her arms, as the broad jump and long jump were conquered years ago. With no surprise to anyone, she was able to flawlessly catch and secure the giggling and squirming child missile. When asked if she would encourage future shows of similar affection, Vickie proclaimed that she will for as long as he wants to.

Further down the San Francisco Bay peninsula, a like minded decision was made by Nate, father of two. Standing between a heavenly air conditioned Target and a soon to be slowly cooled minivan, lay sun soaked pavement that might as well have been lava. One child viewed their father as a cradle and the other saw a horse that could be ridden to the previously mentioned Chariot that was floating on the viscous inferno. Without the use of saddlebags and the outright avoidance of a push cart that would require returning, Nate became the horse and the cradle and the carrier of those damned ever twisting plastic bags, and made it to the four wheeled oasis.

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