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Breaker's OSC (Outdoor Strength and Conditioning)

Memberships can be used at any location.

These are group classes, with five to twenty  teammates from a wide range of ages and starting fitness levels.  In each class we challenge ourselves with strength and conditioning circuits using dumbbells, medicine balls , strength bands and our own body weight.  Some workouts are more focused on conditioning, and some more on strength or muscle gain, but all classes seek to improve your body composition, mobility, and cardio health.  I program two months worth of workouts for each class to make sure we are improving multiple health markers and to ward off mental fatigue and apathy. I want your body and mind to always be in a state of learning and change. Every class scales to the participant as the majority of your workouts should not be an all out effort. I frequently and easily accommodate for folks with current and past injuries as well as for those who are training for races etc and might need more or less work.    

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