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-The 6am and 7am classes meet at the gym, 435 23rd Street, North Side of the building. We do have the option of training in the gym for these two classes if the weather forces us seek shelter. And for pullups of course. 

-The 8:30am class meets at the Noe Valley Town Square, on 24th across from Martha Bros Coffee.

-Your first class is free but please email of your intent to drop in.

   Join some great folks and have some hard earned fun!! These are group classes, with five to twenty teammates from a wide range of ages and starting fitness levels.  In each class we challenge ourselves with strength and conditioning circuits using dumbbells, medicine balls , strength bands and our own body weight.  Some workouts are more focused on conditioning, and some more on strength or muscle gain, but all classes seek to improve your body composition, mobility, and cardio health.  I program three months worth of workouts (you can drop in any time) for each class to make sure we are improving multiple health markers and to ward off mental fatigue and apathy. I want your body and mind to always be in a state of learning and change. Every class scales to the participant as the majority of your workouts should not be an all out effort. I frequently and easily accommodate for folks with current and past injuries as well as for those who are training for races etc and might need more or less work.  Just raise your hand and let me know. 

    Over the past ten years and in all the San Francisco elements, I have implemented and fine tuned this one to four day a week program that is geared toward improving your body composition and conditioning. I am very proud to say that the majority of my OSC clients have trained with me between three and ten years.  Feel free to call, email or text with any questions regarding training, payments, class time or location . Thank you for your interest. 

Personal training/ Private small group Session - 60 Minutes $100

Why buy a workout when you can invest in a coach and your own health and wellness program.

I hold hours in San Francisco and Marin County

Enjoy one free group class with every private session purchase.

Reserve the hour for just yourself or for up to two others, (three total). I developed these semi private sessions based on my own athletic career, training under world class coaching and with inspirational teammates.  In a semi private session, I will develop a personalized and periodized program for you to efficiently achieve your goals. The intimate setting of these sessions enables me to be your coach, track your progress, and hold you accountable. You can now experience the difference of having your own coach. Whether you are a first-timer, or an accomplished athlete, all are welcome. Pre-Rehab programs and nutritional guidance included.

Private Group Coaching/ Corporate/ Consulting

 I currently program and run the strength and conditioning class at Asana and have recently worked for FitBit as a voice over coach. 

If you are interested in reserving a private group training session for more than four people,  or for onsite/ corporate workouts, workshops and consultations, please contact me directly. 


Corporate responsibilities may include, but are not limited to: programming and instructing individual and group exercise classes; education regarding exercise technique, diet, basic exercise physiology; independent program planning; facility design and oversight.

Gym Rental

Coaches, personal trainers, yoga instructors, PT's and massage therapists, are now able to rent my training studio by the hour for one to 6 clients per hour, without a monthly contract. During the week, Monday-Friday, the gym will be available from 1pm to 8pm and on Saturday from 9am to 5pm. Prices are not set in stone yet nor is the scheduling software determined. If you're interested in training your clients in my studio, Please use, email me, call the office phone (415-748-5078), or reach out over LinkedIn or Instagram. 


  I will be asking for a resume' of sorts, i.e. experience, insurance, certification(s), and would like to meet in person if at all possible. I know there's a wide variety of backgrounds in the health and fitness industry and i am open to all the ways and systems in which we choose apply our knowledge and passion to help our clients achieved their goals.

Studio size: 1,100 sqft

Equipment included: 

-Three Rogue squat/pullup racks, each with accompanying barbell and 230lbs of Oly-lifting plates.

-Iron olympic size plates

-Two independent pullup bars anchored to west wall. 

-Medicine balls from D-ball, 8lbs to 50lbs

-Dumbbell pairs (multiples of each)  from 10 lbs to 40lbs

-Power Block adjustable Dumbbell set (5-90lbs) 

-Two indoor spin bikes

-One Concept 2 SkiErg

-Climbing rope

-Farmers walk handles

-Axle bar

-Atlas stones

-Gymnastic rings

-Dip bars

-Various rehab, stretching and strength bands

-metal plyo boxes of three heights 

-Rogue rubber blocks 

-IronMind sandbags, 50-100lbs.

-High Rowing bench 

-foam rollers, lacrosse balls etc. 

-rubber flooring


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