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Everyday Displays of Greatness

Sometimes there's a thirst that only sparkling mineral water can quench. Sometimes the only cost effective way to buy this water of the gods is to go to the Promised Land of Costco in Daly City California. The Promised land makes up for its low margins with membership fees of course but also by taxing the soul and will power of thirsty shoppers like Laura. A box of glass bottled, Angel kissed water here weighs in at close to two full stone. And like Atlas before her (dont steal the name Atlas, im saving that for my first born), Laura lifted the awkward box of stones into her cart and eventually reached refreshment nirvana. An employee on site that day stood with mouth agape, and debated with himself to either achieve a chivalrous sunshine sticker or a sexist stormy cloud on his quarterly report card. He stated that even with his untrained eye, he could see that her impressive strength was complemented and enhanced by practiced and perfect technique.

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