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Scotland Walkabout

During one of their long 'hike n scrambles' over an island they tend to off of Vancouver during the winter months, Susan and David decided it would be much more exciting to hike across a bigger island. So they chose a sovereign state of the United Kingdom where the natives speak Scottish Gaelic; not to be confused with Old Gaelic of course and certainly not mistook for Gaeilge.

The Scottish company that charted and presumably scouted the path these adventurers traversed, apparently was not out to take a seat at England's storied cartography table, but may have been dead set in challenging the strength and fitness levels of this power couple. Many a high fence, rocky descent, bog and underestimated distance were conquered on the expedition.

Eight days (EIGHT DAYS!!!) after they set out from Arrochar-Tarbet and 105 miles later, they reached the finish line in St. Andrews, were it is unclear if they challenged the Road Hole Bunker. What is known however, aside from sore and blistered feet, is that the brilliance of the countryside they traveled through can only be rivaled by the size and warmth of the locals' collective heart and the flavor of their resurgent craft beer.

Interestingly enough, they encountered Sean Connery only once, were he reportedly flashed a cunning yet warm smile and held up a solitary index finger. The debate still rages if he was asking to re-verify his range to target or if he understandably viewed these two as fellow immortals, and was giving them a courtesy reminder that in the end, there can be only one.

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