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Code Name: Full Throttle

All of us train for strength, mobility, healthy body competition, and the American Way. Some of us train for stamina and quickness so they can pilot a Superbike and fly around Laguna Seca Raceway at 120mph while its 100 degrees or more on the track. Actually there is only one Breakers Athlete that i know of that trains for this level of Badass. She's earned the nickname 'Full Throttle' down at the legendary Monterey county track, where the likes of Mario Andretti and Wayne Rainey have turns named in their honor. When asked about infamous turn eight, a blind turn called the Corkscrew which drops the rider five stories down in just over 400 feet of asphalt, Full Throttle proclaimed that it "was f-ing awesome". She was also thankful for her strong legs and trunk musculature, for they reduced the pain and provided control when she 'kissed the ground with her shin' existing the fabled turn. There has been confirmation that she was back at workout that same week.

(above photo courtesy of Full Throttle)

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